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Piers Luscombe, one of the runner ups of the Julius Caesar soliloquy, talks about his process in creating his performance.

Q: What character did you choose for your soliloquy? Can you give the context of the soliloquy?

I played Casca, during Act 2 scene 1, when he talks to Cicero regarding the night where bizarre events occur. These events include a lion walking by during the day, women witnessing men walking up and down in fire, and an owl, a nocturnal animal, coming by during the day. I researched what these events mean, and found out that they foreshadow Caesar’s death.

Q: Why did you choose to deliver this soliloquy?

There are two reasons as to why I chose this soliloquy. One of them was because I was interested in the hidden message behind the imagery that was hinting about Caesar’s death. Another reason is that as majority of the class were doing soliloquies of the three main characters, Antony, Caesar, and Brutus, I wanted to act out a character outside that realm, but still had a fairly big impact on the play. I also like Casca as a character as while he’s humble, he still holds power, making him stand out.


Q: Can you describe the directing choices you made to during the soliloquy?

I started my monologue by running into the stage from the side, with great volume in my voice, to give a sense on how shocked and horrified Casca is. After that entrance, I lowered my volume, and slowed down my pace to imply the tension in Casca’s tone describing the events he witnessed. Overall, my tone and volume throughout my monologue was varied.