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Art in EHS Life

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The Choir Experience

Written by Susan Wang

Published 05/19/2019

My first year in Choir was quite confusing in the beginning — perhaps it was because I had zero previous knowledge about music theories, or because I was not a confident singer.

As time passes, however, things seemed to straighten themselves out. As my knowledge, skill, and confidence growed, my experience of singing changed as well.

For example, I started to realized how much we rely on each other when singing in choir. There is no way to finish a song strong without trusting and relying on our fellow singers: soprano will wait for alto’s hint to enter; the last note of one section can be the perfect fourth of the other section’s entrance note. Reliance and trust make us a unity.

I also began to enjoy the simple beauty of singing itself. In choir, my imagination is unbound. My mind could travel to the green pasture, to a lovely town in France, or to a cathedral in Germany, etc.

Meanwhile, I can also let my mind remain blank and tranquil, totally immersing myself in the inner calmness of the tune.

Last but not least, my favorite choir piece of is We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace. We sang the song for one last time during Choir Banquet at the end of the semester. The tranquility of the tune reminded me my early time in choir as well as the lesson I learned that brought me out of all the confusions: no matter where we go, EHS Choir will stay connected through reliance, trust and love for music.